My Security Deposit

Each tenant will need to complete the Forwarding Address Form prior to Move-Out. Michigan Law states you are required to inform your Landlord of your forwarding address within four (4) days of moving out. Failure to do so automatically waives your rights to an itemized list of damages. Security deposits will be returned to the address submitted within 30 days of the lease termination date with an itemized list of damages or deductions if any exist. Do not call or email for your refund unless you do not receive it after 30 days.

What will I be charged for?

Tenants will be charged for lost or damaged items in the property. For a detailed list of what things will cost if they are lost or damaged, please refer to your lease agreement. If you are responsible for the water bill at your property, a prorated amount will be deducted from your security deposit for the time you lived at the house. Any late fees or unpaid rent will also be deducted from the security deposit.

I have not received my Security Deposit yet, what should I do?

Has it been 30 days or more since the last day on your lease? If not, do not call or email The Fulton Group. As long as you have submitted a forwarding address, you will receive your Security Deposit. If it has been more than 30 days since the last day on your lease and you still do not have your Security Deposit, please email our accountant, Monika, who handles the security deposit refunds.
You can contact Monika at [email protected] or 616-667-2539.

What if I am renting from The Fulton Group next year?

If you are renting from The Fulton Group for another consecutive year (at the same property), your security deposit and any fees will carry over for that year. This does not apply if you are moving to a different Fulton Group property. IF you are moving to another Fulton Group property, you are responsible for paying a separate security deposit and cleaning fee for that property. Your Security Deposit at your current property will be refunded when that lease ends. You are still required to submit the formal Forwarding Address. The Fulton Group does not assume where to send Security Deposit refunds.