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Olivia Headshot 2021

Olivia Ortiz

Sales manager

[email protected]
Direct Line: 616-227-3061

Fun Fact: Olivia graduated from GVSU with a Bachelor of Science in Speech and Language Pathology.

Favorite Things about GR: You get a big city feel without the big city stressors. There is always something to do, whether you want to grab a bite to eat, catch a hockey game, or just walk around. Bonus: The city is very dog friendly!

Hannah Lapp

Hannah Lapp

Leasing Advisor

[email protected]
Direct Line: 616-430-8757

Fun Fact: Hannah taught gymnastics for 7.5 years and was a gymnast herself for 13+ years.

Favorite Things about GR: The joy of walking through GR and being able to find a new restaurant or coffee shop. GR has tons of events for adults and kids that create a small-town family feel in a big city!


Max VanderWerff


[email protected]
Direct Line: 616-735-2952

Fun Fact: During his years as a chef, Max was once honored to be the selected person to personally cook dinner one night for Pauly Shore and his friends.

Favorite Things about GR: Max loves that no matter how big Grand Rapids gets, it still holds true to a small town feel within the community.

Monika Deturk

Monika DeTurk

Accounting Manager

[email protected]
Direct Line: 616-667-2539

Fun Fact: Born and raised in Europe, likes any type of crafts and baking, and loves spending time with her family.

Favorite Things about GR: The variety of venues/activities Grand Rapids offers and friendliness of GR community.

Caleb Sturgeon

Caleb Sturgeon

SENIOR Accountant

[email protected]
Direct Line: 616-785-8046

Fun Fact: Caleb enjoys golfing.

Favorite Things about GR: The restaurants and breweries.

Nicki Grigsby

Nicki Grigsby

staff accountant

[email protected]

Direct Line: 616-201-1705

Fun Fact: Nicki and her family go to Disney World every year- it is way more fun as an adult! Her favorite ride is Flight of Passage!

Favorite Things about GR: There is so much to do in GR- her favorite thing to do is walk Provin Trails with her dog.

Joe Draaisma

Joe Draaisma

Project manager

[email protected]

Fun Fact: Joe is an avid cat lover!

Favorite Things about GR: All the historical buildings and homes.


Justin McPeck

Maintenance Manager

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Fun Fact: Justin is a coffee enthusiast.

Favorite Things about GR: He loves The Fulton Group!


Khamsy Symoungkhoune

Maintenance tech

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Fun Fact: Khamsey was born in laos and loves all spicy food!

Favorite Things about GR: The fact that GR is a bigger city but has a small town feel.

Robert Kritcher

Rob Kritcher



Fun Fact: Rob is an avid outdoorsman.

Favorite Things about GR: The festivals and dining.

Billy Chanthala

Billy Chanthala



Fun Fact: Coming soon.

Favorite Things about GR: Coming soon.

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About The Fulton Group

The Fulton Group is a professional property management business located in the City of Grand Rapids. We've built a collection of over 200 of the best rental homes around downtown GR. Our people are vibrant, professional, and genuinely care about our residents. Our properties are the highest quality in the very best locations. Our process is purposefully designed for a great customer experience.

We are committed to the City of Grand Rapids and the neighborhoods that make it a fantastic place to live!