Move-Out Information

Submit A Forwarding Address

Click here to submit your forwarding address for your security deposit refund.


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Change Of Address

This link will direct you to the USPS site to submit your official change of address.


My Security Deposit

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Please Note: Because of the large number of Move-Ins and Move-Outs occurring near the 1st of each month, please refer to this Move-Out Information to answer any questions you may have upon Move-Out. If this information does not answer all of your questions, contact The Fulton Group BEFORE you move out.

What needs to be done prior to my Move-Out Date?

The following needs to be done prior to your Move-Out Date:

  1. Submit a Forwarding Address for Security Deposit Refund.
  2. Request to have utilities transferred out of your name as of midnight on the last day of your lease.
  3. File an Official Change of Address with the United States Postal Service. Please Note: The Fulton Group will not be responsible for re-routing your mail.
  4. Terminate automated rental payments after your final rental payment has been received.

What needs to be done on my Move-Out Date?

Please prepare yourself to be fully removed from your apartment/house by midnight on your Move-Out Date. You do not need to deep clean your apartment or house. However, leaving the unit and its appliances, bathrooms, etc. in conditions worse than normal wear and tear, may result in an additional fine. You will be charged for all personal items and trash left behind. This also includes the exterior of the property. Make sure trash, cigarette butts, and personal belongings are removed from the porch, garage, basement, and yard. When you are ready to head out, please leave your keys on the kitchen counter. You will be changed for any missing keys per your lease agreement. Keys may not be mailed, nor returned to the office.

Can I move out early?

You are responsible for the terms of your lease. However, if you would like to move out early you may! If you plan on leaving your property earlier than your lease end date, you will need to notify The Fulton Group. We ask that you leave your key at the property on the kitchen counter. Please remember per your lease agreement, you are responsible for rent and utilities for the term of your lease. Therefore, even if you do move out early, utilities must stay in your name until midnight on the final day of your lease.